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3 reasons to resolve to check your hearing in 2018

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Dec 28, 2017 12:30:00 PM

What's on your resolution list for the New Year? Lose a few pounds, exercise more or try a new hobby? What about getting your hearing checked?


Dealing with hearing loss is about so much more than what you may or may not hear. Addressing hearing loss can have a positive effect on your self-confidence, mood, relationships, job performance, income, brain and overall health.

We're counting down to the New Year and to 3 ways that treating hearing loss could help you in 2018.

#3 Improve Social Relationships

A National Council on Aging, Seniors Research Group study found that older adults with untreated hearing loss were less likely to participate in social activities compared to those who wore hearing aids. 56% of individuals with hearing loss and 66% of their family members reported improvements in relationships at home when hearing aids were used.

#2 Increase Earning Potential

According to a Better Hearing Institute study, Americans with hearing loss earn an average of $12,000 less per year than individuals without hearing loss. However, hearing aids offset the effects of hearing loss by 50%.

#1 Develop Better Health

The National Institutes of Health found that about 78% of individuals with poor hearing suffered from at least one other chronic health condition. Hearing loss has been linked to cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease and diabetes. The risk of depression is 2 times higher, the risk of falling is 3 times higher and the risk of dementia is 5 times higher in those with hearing loss than without.

Treating hearing loss may help more than just your hearing, which is why it's so important to get a hearing screening.

How often should I get my hearing checked?

Hearing loss affects every generation. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) recommends that adults under 50 get a hearing screening about every ten years. That's important, because it establishes a baseline for the future.

For ages 50 and up, the ASHA recommends getting your hearing checked every three years. If you have a risk factor like occupational or recreational noise exposure or a head injury, you should get checked as often as your doctor recommends.

When's the last time you or someone you love got a hearing test? Bring a friend and encourage someone else to get checked along with you in 2018. Ring in the New Year with a professional hearing screening. Schedule an appointment today.

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