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9 tips to make listening easier for your holiday guests with hearing loss

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Nov 1, 2018 2:29:49 PM

Family Turkey Dinner

With more than 36 million Americans who have hearing loss, there’s a good chance that one or more of them will show up at your table this holiday season. For these individuals, normal conversation can be a big challenge — a challenge that’s compounded at holiday gatherings by multiple simultaneous conversations, clanging silverware, shrieking children and other competing sounds.

As a holiday host, you can take steps to make it easier for your guests with hearing loss to join the conversation and feel more welcome.

  1. Assign seating strategically. Consider positioning these guests at the middle of the table with their back against the wall; this enables participation in more conversations without distracting noise coming from behind.
  2. Provide adequate lighting. A well-lit room makes it easier to see facial expressions and the mouths of those who are speaking.
  3. Slow down when speaking. Maintain a normal pace and volume, and pronounce your words as clearly as possible.
  4. Converse face to face. This makes it easier for others to hear your words, and it allows them to see your mouth, facial expressions and body language.
  5. Designate a kids’ dining room. Young voices can be very loud, interfering with conversations among adults.
  6. Move the conversation. Invite guests with hearing loss to have a one-on-one chat in a quiet corner, in another room or during a post-dinner walk.
  7. Take a time-out from the game. For many, football is a Thanksgiving staple. But it can also be a listening distraction. Turn off the game, or put it on mute during the meal. Consider designating a separate room for TV watching.
  8. Turn down the tunes. Holiday music can help get everyone in the mood, but it may also interfere with conversation.
  9. Be a “better hearing facilitator.” Surprisingly, many people who have trouble hearing at holiday gatherings don’t realize they have hearing loss. For these individuals, you may want to suggest — gently and in a private location — that they get their hearing tested.

Amplifon Hearing Health Care is ready to help your loved ones who have trouble hearing. Call Amplifon today to schedule a free hearing screening with a provider near you.

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