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Amplifon Hearing Health Care Blog

Exercises for Your Hearing

Workplace Hearing Loss

Hearing aid choice: a key ingredient in finding the right solution to your hearing loss

Hearing Loss in children and teens is more common than you’d think

World Hearing Day: Hearing Care for All!

Are you missing out on everyday sounds?

Behind-The-Ear vs. Receiver-In-Canal Hearing Aids

Our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2020

5 Reasons to Get Your Hearing Checked in the New Year

Can ear wax cause hearing loss?

Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Ask the Expert: How can I make the most of my hearing benefit?

Ask the Expert: How can I save money on hearing aids?

Ask the Expert: If Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids, who does?

Quick Guide to Understanding Decibel Charts

Ask the Expert: Why people avoid or delay a decision to wear hearing aids

Sudden Temporary Hearing Loss

Ask the Expert: Safely addressing hearing loss during the COVID-19 era

Ask the Expert: When and How to Discuss a Loved One’s Hearing Loss

Hearing Protection for the Outdoor Enthusiast

How Hearing Aids Improve Quality of Life at Home

Three tips for wearing a face mask with hearing aids

Avoid these summertime hearing aid risks

Summer Hearing Hazards

Can Hearing Aids Cause Vertigo?

How to Dry Out Your Hearing Aids

Treating hearing loss can be good for your brain

National Safety Month - Who's your reason?

How to Buy Hearing Aids During COVID-19

Communication Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ask the Expert: Communicating with Hearing Loss at Work

Better Hearing & Speech Month 2020: ‘Communication at Work’

How to stay connected at home if you have hearing loss

Are Your Ears Itchy This Allergy Season?

A Diet Fit for Your Health and Hearing

World Hearing Day March 3rd: Don’t let hearing loss limit you

Ask the Expert: How is hearing loss connected to mental health?

Can noise exposure increase your risk for heart attack and stroke?

Listen to your heartbeat - you may be surprised at what you hear

Ask the Expert: Hearing Loss and Physical Health

Top blogs of 2019: Warm weather care for your hearing aids

Top blogs of 2019: Why do I need to take care of my hearing loss now?

Top blogs of 2019: What you need to know about Medicare's hearing aid coverage

Top Blogs of 2019: How to Make the Most of Your Hearing Benefit

Top 5 Blog Posts from 2019

Holiday tips for everyone around the table

Ask the Expert: What do hearing aids cost and how can I make them more affordable?

Ask the Expert: What's it really like to start wearing hearing aids

Why a Hearing Test Should be Part of Your Diabetes Care Checklist

‘How Loud is Too Loud’? Here’s a fun and easy answer

Ask the Expert: What should I expect at my hearing care appointment?

Who do I see for my hearing difficulties?

Ask the Expert: Why do I need to take care of my hearing loss now?

Meet our two in-house Audiologists!

Quiet Restaurants Across the U.S.

Sound Advice: Treat your hearing as a 'hub' for overall health

Can Hearing Loss Increase Your Risk of Falling?

What You Need to Know About School Hearing Screenings

10 Signs You Should Get Your Child's Hearing Checked Before Going Back to School

Sound Advice: Commit Yourself to the '3 Pillars' of Hearing Loss Prevention

Caring for your hearing aids during summer

Be prepared this Summer

Hearing Screening or Hearing Test: What's the Difference?

Sound advice: Be aware of how noise threatens hearing health

Sound Summer Safety Tips

What’s the scoop? High blood sugar can lead to hearing loss.

When the smoke gets in your ears

New app allows you to 'find your quiet space.'

Better Hearing & Speech Month 2019: ‘Communication across the lifespan’

How to recognize hearing loss in your child

What you need to know about Medicare's hearing aid coverage

How to Make the Most of Your Hearing Benefit

Looking for affordable hearing aid options?

Nine ‘secrets’ for getting longer life out of your new hearing aids

Time to change hearing aid batteries? Follow our easy step-by-step guide!

Crowd Noise: A home field advantage or a hearing turn over?

Seven tips for a successful transition to new hearing aids

World Hearing Day March 3rd: Why you should care and what you should do

Use of hearing aids may help to reduce cognitive decline

Preventing ‘music-induced’ hearing loss in Teens and Young-Adults

What your ears may be saying about your heart

Chronic noise exposure increases risk for heart attack and stroke

From Arkansas to Wisconsin, health insurers cover hearing aids for children

Our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2018

5 Reasons to Get Your Hearing Checked in 2019

For 2019, resolve to improve your hearing

Sound advice for hard-of-hearing travelers

A caregiver's guide to dealing with a loved one's hearing loss

Holiday shopping: before you buy, consider your ears!

Can colder weather affect your hearing?

Let's talk turkey about hearing loss

9 tips to make listening easier for your holiday guests with hearing loss

Diabetes can put you at risk for hearing loss

Your hearing aid decision checklist

Just how bad is your hearing loss?

Audiologist vs. ENT, what’s the difference?

10 preventative tips to cut your risk of hearing loss

Tips for managing tinnitus

Can Untreated Hearing Loss Cost More Than Hearing Aids?

Is the cost of hearing aids keeping you from getting treatment? Look for savings in your FSA or HSA account.

School Screenings May Miss High-Frequency Hearing Losses

Preventing noise-induced hearing loss in summer and fall

The truth about tinnitus: what it is, what it's not

It's back to school time - Are your children classroom ready?

11 things you may not know about hearing aids

Eat Well...for your hearing

Top reasons to get started with Amplifon

The Hidden Cost of Hearing Loss and Comorbidity

Stay safe this summer

9 questions to ask during a hearing aid fitting

Discrimination at work and school

Over-the-Counter devices. A solution?

Yanny or Laurel? Why everyone hears differently...

10 'ear-opening' facts about hearing loss & hearing aids

Better Hearing & Speech Month: How you can reduce your risk of hearing loss

5 surprising summer activities causing hearing loss

3 things you can do for Better Hearing & Speech Month

Are you risking your hearing?

Are your ears itching to tell you something?

The silent health epidemic

World Health Day: Striving for affordable health services, including hearing care

The surprising effect of loud noise on the brain

National Save Your Vision Month: 5 tips for healthy eyes

Protect yourself from this job hazard

Hear the future on World Hearing Day

Healthy heart, healthy hearing

Use your ears to boost creativity

6 quick tips for easy communication

4 surprising ways your mouth can help your ears and your health

What do you do when the hearing loss is in someone else's ears?

3 reasons to resolve to check your hearing in 2018

Hearing loss and the holidays: 5 workarounds

Hearing and Depression?

Hearing & the Holidays

How does a hearing test work?

Lose weight, stay active, protect your hearing

FSA/HSA funds can pay for hearing aids and services

Lose weight, stay active, protect your hearing

This holiday season, choose ‘hearing-friendly’ toys for the youngsters

Diabetes: it's time to consider the hearing connection

Tips for National Audiology Awareness Month

8 small changes that can make a big difference in your health

The Connection Between Hearing and Oral Hygiene

6 Communication Tips for When You Can’t Hear Clearly

How Hearing Loss Changes Your Brain

Tracy: My Amplifon Story

Hearing Aid Care: 6 Things to Look Out For this Summer

Protect Your Ears this 4th of July

The sweet sounds of summer...

7 Common Sounds That Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

How to Save on Hearing Aid Prices

5 surprising outdoor activities that could hurt your hearing

Summer survival: 4 ways to prevent hearing loss

5 ways to protect your hearing

Better Hearing and Speech Month: 3 things you can do

Connecting the dots in your own life...

Like to eat fish?

What are Ototoxic Medications?

Act now to hear better before Jan. 1

The 'secret' to affordable, professionally fit hearing aids

Starting the new year with a bang?

For 2017, resolve to improve your hearing

Nine tips to make listening easier for your hearing-impaired holiday guests

Nine tips for staying ‘holiday healthy’

Choose the hearing healthcare network that’s 3 ways better

Six tips for talking to loved ones about their hearing loss

Five ways to give the gift of good hearing

Beware of toys that can harm kids’ hearing

10 ideas for starting new holiday traditions

What did you say?

‘I want to do something about my hearing loss. Now what?’

Five consequences of untreated hearing loss that you might not expect

Your hearing test: You have nothing to fear!

Feeling healthy?

A sound way to use your FSA funds before Jan. 1

September 29 is World Heart Day: Aiming to cut premature deaths by 80%

Early intervention with children results in better outcomes

10-year-old Alex Mussomeli: ‘Hearing makes me happy!’

Aiming to get fit? Skip the gym club membership

Healthy Aging Month: 10 tips for living longer and healthier

Protect young listeners from dangerous noise

Hearing aids may provide relief for tinnitus sufferers

About that noise in your head... Understanding and living with tinnitus

Summertime and the livin’ is easy...But maybe not so easy on your ears!

Have you experienced ‘birding by ear’?

John: My Amplifon Story

Peter and Gretel: Our Amplifon Story

Deborah: My Amplifon Story

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