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Better Hearing & Speech Month 2019: ‘Communication across the lifespan’

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Apr 16, 2019, 8:27:35 AM

What If Screen Grab

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM), and this year’s theme is “Communication across the lifespan,” a good time to pause and consider the importance of good hearing, regardless of your age. 

In this spirit, we created a short video that portrays three “what-if” stories to show the importance of preventing hearing loss and seeking prompt treatment when it does occur. 

What if “Chad” and “Monica” hadn’t sought treatment for their daughter’s hearing loss when she was a little girl? She might not haWhat if Chad and Monica didn't recognize their childs hearing lossve graduated with honors, and she likely would not have been involved in so many activities or made so many great friends. 

What if “Dave” hadn’t worn hearing protection as a teen and young adult What if Dave didn't wear hearing protectionparticipating in high-noise activities, such as going to concerts, riding a souped-up motorcycle and working next to loud machinery? He probably would be living with permanently damaged hearing. 

What if “Suzanne” had refused to get help for her hearing What if Suzanne didn't address her hearing loss soonerloss as soon as she realized she had a problem? She would have missed out on many conversations and special occasions. If her hearing loss went untreated for too long, she would be at an increased risk for depression, dementia or an injury-causing fall. 

A helping hand from insurers and employers 

Each of these stories illustrates the positive things that happen when you take control of your hearing health. But did you know that your health insurance provider, employer, or state may already have resources designed to help you?  

For example, Chad and Monica live in a state that requires health insurers to help cover the cost of prescribed hearing aids for children. In at least 23 states across the country, families depend on this coverage to offset the high cost of hearing aids — a cost that can be multiplied several times since children typically need replacement devices as they grow older. 

Dave, on the other hand, avoided the need for hearing aids by wearing hearing protection in noisy situations. He learned about the importance of hearing loss prevention through an educational program sponsored by his employer. 

For Suzanne, the decision to get treatment for her hearing loss was made easier because of the hearing benefit offered by her Medicare Advantage plan. This benefit saved Suzanne hundreds of dollars on the purchase of hearing aids. By taking prompt action, she reduced her risk for health conditions that may be caused by untreated hearing loss.  

Make a strong commitment to your hearing health 

During Better Hearing & Speech Month, Amplifon Hearing Health Care urges you to make a strong commitment to your hearing health.  

This commitment can take a number of forms, such as protecting your hearing when exposed to high levels of noise, listening to music at a safe volume when wearing earbuds, getting your hearing checked on a regular basis and seeking professional care as soon as you suspect a problem with your hearing. 

Lastly, be sure to take advantage of any hearing care benefit or hearing aid program offered by your health insurer, employer, or state. Click here to learn more about the hearing benefits available to you. 

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