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John: My Amplifon Story

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Apr 21, 2016 8:00:00 AM


I’m very glad the service rep at my insurance company pointed me to your organization. My journey to better hearing started in Hearing Aid Hell.

The first problem was an ENT who refused to work within my healthplan's rules and would not dispense a hearing aid without payment up‐front and in full from me. Then, when I revisited the network list, I bounced to a local hearing aid outlet that also misrepresented my coverage to get more money from me. It turns out the equipment was, in fact, covered by my healthplan. At this point, I was afraid I would have to take a trip to a superstore and foot the whole bill myself. I began to to wonder about the ethics and practices of all the dispensing players in the industry. Two bad apples in a row had me scared and concerned. I called my healthplan again, their rep did some checking, then they gave me the number for Amplifon.

I’ve worn my hearing aids for a week and am very optimistic. If this finishes as well as it started with Amplifon and your provider, I’ll be in Hearing Well Hallelujah.

My healthplan made it a point to indicate that you would take care of my needs, but I went from doubtful to hopeful when I spoke with your team. Your representative gathered the information needed to enter me into your system, then managed a warm hand‐off to the provider, Hearing Associates of Central Florida. Everything went perfectly. Hearing Associates of Central Florida were fantastic, represented you admirably, and behaved in a wonderfully principled and ethical manner in their interactions with me. The hearing aid selection appointment was a great, informative, consultative, and I left with enthusiasm about what I was about to be able to hear. A big frosting on the auditory cupcake was the fantastic pricing for what I expected to be unaffordable.

Thanks again,



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