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Quiet Restaurants Across the U.S.

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Sep 27, 2019 4:29:10 PM

Quiet Dinning

Did you know that the average noise level of a restaurant is 79.3dBA? Hearing loss starts to occur at sounds 85dBA and louder. Restaurants are a constant hustle and bustle of noise. Between the constant movement of people, proximity of tables, and design of the room, restaurants can be uncomfortably loud for everyone and especially for people with hearing difficulties.

Hearing aids tend to pick up all sounds making it difficult for the wearer to differentiate sounds from each other. Hearing many sounds simultaneously often results in an unpleasant and stressful restaurant experience for those with hearing impairments. Loud restaurants are not a problem in just one region of the country but all over.

Do you wish you could go to a restaurant and be able to hear the person sitting across from you? Do you miss having a meal out where your hearing aids are not picking up the conversation at the table behind you as well as the table next to you?

Here are lists of restaurants from coast-to-coast who are serving up quiet conversation so you can really enjoy your dining experience:

Birmingham, AL:

Anchorage, AK:

Phoenix, AZ:

Little Rock, AR:

Los Angeles, CA:

Denver, CO:

Bridgeport, CT:

Wilmington, DE:

Jacksonville, FL:

Atlanta, GA:

Honolulu, HI:

Boise, ID:

Chicago, IL:

Indianapolis, IN:

Des Moines, IA:

Wichita, KS:

Louisville, KY:

New Orleans, LA:

Portland, ME:

Baltimore, MD:

Boston, MA:

Detroit, MI:

Minneapolis, MN:

Jackson, MS:

Kansas City, MO:

Billings, MT:

Omaha, NE:

Las Vegas, NV:

Manchester, NH:

Newark, NJ:

Albuquerque, NM:

New York City, NY:

Charlotte, NC:

Fargo, ND:

Columbus, OH:

Oklahoma City, OK:

Portland, OR:

Philadelphia, PA:

Charleston, SC:

Sioux Falls, SD:

Nashville, TN:

Houston, TX:

Salt Lake City, UT:

Burlington, VT:

Virginia Beach, VA:

Seattle, WA:

Charleston, WV:

Milwaukee, WI:

Cheyenne, WY:


Do you have a favorite quiet restaurant in your area? Download the SoundPrint App, a crowd sourcing app that allows users to register quiet restaurants or find new quiet restaurants in your area, for others to enjoy.


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