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How Hearing Aids Improve Quality of Life at Home

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Aug 3, 2020 11:00:00 PM

If you’re spending more time at home lately, you may wonder about the need for daily hearing aid use. But hearing aids aren’t just for the hustle and bustle. Daily use — even while social distancing — can help you hear more and improve your relationships with your loved ones.

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Ask the Expert: What's it really like to start wearing hearing aids

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Nov 14, 2019 3:00:00 PM


In part three of our special “Ask the Expert” series, an Amplifon Hearing Health Care audiologist, Carrie Meyer, Au.D., answers a frequently-asked question related to hearing loss and hearing aids.

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‘I want to do something about my hearing loss. Now what?’

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Nov 8, 2016 7:15:00 AM

For many people, the day comes when they decide to do something about their hearing loss. Perhaps they’re tired of struggling to keep up with conversations, fed up with frequently having to utter “huh?” or “pardon me?” Maybe they’ve cut back on social engagements, or they’re worried about how a hearing problem is affecting their career.

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