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World Hearing Day March 3rd: Don’t let hearing loss limit you

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Mar 3, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Hearing creates a bridge between us to our loved ones, our communities and the world. It helps us be a part of all those little moments that make life so special. From time with family to jokes with friends, don’t let hearing loss limit you from being a part of those moments.

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World Hearing Day March 3rd: Why you should care and what you should do

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Feb 26, 2019 8:27:00 AM

If you have trouble hearing, you are most definitely not alone. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 466 million people worldwide live with hearing loss. About 36 million of them are right here in the U.S. This is such a widespread and serious health condition that the WHO has declared March 3rd as World Hearing Day. Read on to learn why this may be of importance to you and your loved ones.

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Hear the future on World Hearing Day

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Feb 28, 2018 9:54:20 AM

We celebrate World Hearing Day every year on March 3rd. Its purpose is to raise awareness about hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care around the world. This year's theme is "Hear the future." The hope is to draw attention to the expected increase in the number of people with hearing loss across the world over the upcoming years.

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