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Could healing compounds harm your hearing?

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Dec 29, 2016 12:19:00 PM

You’re being treated for a health condition, and the medication is working as intended. But you’ve noticed you’re not hearing as well as you did before you started treatment. Could there be a connection between the healing of your body and the hearing you’ve lost? If you’ve been exposed to one of more than 200 known “ototoxic” drugs, the answer may be yes.

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Act now to hear better before Jan. 1

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Dec 28, 2016 8:47:00 AM

The new year is quickly approaching, and if you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), it might be telling you — “Spend me, spend me…before you lose me!” Did you know you can use FSA and HSA funds to pay for hearing aids and professional hearing healthcare services?

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The 'secret' to affordable, professionally fit hearing aids

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Dec 26, 2016 10:54:00 AM

“I know I need hearing aids, but I don’t think I can afford them. How can I get the help I need without busting my budget?” If this describes your situation, take heart: You can obtain today’s most advanced and effective hearing aids, professionally fit, at a guaranteed low price. And you don’t have to jump through a lot of hoops or join a warehouse club store!

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Starting the new year with a bang?

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Dec 23, 2016 1:05:00 PM

The boom of fireworks. The pop-pop of fireworks on a crowded street. Music at your favorite club or concert hall. Celebrating New Year’s Eve can get pretty noisy! While you may be having a great time, your ears may be longing for a good ol’ “silent night.”

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Topics: Protect your hearing over the holidays

For 2017, resolve to improve your hearing

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Dec 21, 2016 11:02:00 AM

Have you made a new year’s resolution for 2017? Does it involve reducing stress, staying better connected with family and friends, expanding your social network, learning a new skill or making more money? Then you may want to check to make sure your hearing is up to the challenge. How’s that?

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Nine tips to make listening easier for your hearing-impaired holiday guests

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Dec 19, 2016 9:26:00 AM

With more than 36 million hearing-impaired Americans, there’s a good chance that one or more of them will show up at your holiday table. For these individuals, normal conversation can be a big challenge — a challenge that’s compounded at gatherings

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Topics: Tips to help hearing impaired guests

Nine tips for staying ‘holiday healthy’

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Dec 17, 2016 11:57:00 AM

It starts with a scratchy throat or queasy stomach. The next thing you know, you’re sick — and it’s the holidays. High stress, lack of sleep, tainted turkey, coughing guests and other factors create the perfect breeding ground for illness. The good news is, you can take steps to reduce your risks...

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Choose the hearing healthcare network that’s 3 ways better

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Dec 15, 2016 1:11:00 PM

When it comes time to get help for your hearing, you have lots of options, from independent hearing healthcare practitioners to warehouse club stores to Internet retailers. But who can you trust? Where will you get the best value, as well as the professional care that’s so crucial for long-term satisfaction?

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Six tips for talking to loved ones about their hearing loss

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Dec 13, 2016 8:28:00 AM

Why don’t some people get help for an obvious hearing loss? Because the need may not be so obvious to them. Often it takes the influence of a family member or close friend to motivate them to get a hearing test and ultimately experience the benefits of hearing aids. But, if you’re the influencer, how do you have this conversation?

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Five ways to give the gift of good hearing

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Dec 11, 2016 2:01:00 PM

Do you have “impossible” family members or friends on your holiday shopping list? You know who we’re talking about: people whose gift selections you agonize over, perhaps because they seem to have everything, or their tastes are simply hard to figure out. But maybe, just maybe, they could use something really important: good hearing.

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