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Hearing aid choice: a key ingredient in finding the right solution to your hearing loss

Posted by Amplifon Hearing Health Care on Apr 2, 2021 3:11:52 PM

Dry Out Your Hearing Aids (1)

As consumers, we love choices, the more the better. At the grocery store, for instance, you expect the freezer case to be filled with several brands of pizza and many types of toppings, from basic cheese to loaded supreme. Think about how disappointing it would be to find only one pizza brand and just a few varieties!

But choice applies to much more than the foods we enjoy. It also can be important for your health and quality of life. Hearing health care is a great example of this. Besides the fact that no two hearing losses are exactly the same, people possess different preferences and lifestyles that are intertwined with their listening experiences.

It stands to reason, then, that no single hearing solution is right for everyone — which helps explain why hearing aids come in several brands and hundreds of models. Being able to choose from a broad range of options empowers your audiologist or hearing aid specialist to precisely tailor the devices to your unique hearing loss, preferences and lifestyle.

The right hearing solution = a great experience

Having hearing aids that fit and sound right leads to a number of positive outcomes. First, you’re more likely to wear the hearing aids and experience your goal for purchasing them: to reconnect with the sounds that are important to your life.

Secondly, the more consistently you wear your hearing aids, the more you reduce your risk of experiencing health conditions with a proven connection to untreated hearing loss, including depression, dementia and injury-causing falls. In other words, the use of hearing aids contributes to optimal overall health.

Last, but certainly not least of all, hearing aids that meet or exceed your expectations

delivers a solid return on investment for you - returning you to the activities and social interactions you enjoy. By contrast, when hearing aids don’t fit or sound right, they tend to end up in a dresser drawer — and nobody benefits from that!

Your hearing benefit can make a big difference

Just as there are substantial differences among the many hearing aids available today, hearing benefits can vary significantly from one health plan to another, both in terms of hearing aid choices and the types of providers participating in the plan’s network.

First, consider the selection of hearing aids available with your benefit. On one end of the spectrum are hearing benefits with access to a very limited selection of hearing aids — as little as one brand and just a handful of models. This can seriously challenge the provider’s ability to find the right hearing solution for you.

By contrast, another hearing benefit allows its providers to choose from all major brands of hearing aids and hundreds of models, giving them maximum flexibility to match the hearing solution to your exact hearing needs, preferences and lifestyle.

Coupled with hearing aid choice is the provider’s freedom to choose any hearing aid brand and model, as long as it’s appropriate for you and is deemed “medically necessary” by your health plan.

Speaking of providers, the choices you get with a hearing benefit also extend to who takes care of you and where you receive this care. Depending on your specific needs and comfort level, you should have access to a variety of provider types and locations, whether it’s a hearing aid specialist in a retail setting or an audiologist in a clinical environment.

Amplifon’s commitment to choice and member satisfaction

Health plans, including Medicare Advantage plans, that offer a hearing benefit in partnership with Amplifon Hearing Health Care give their members access to hundreds of hearing aid models, featuring the latest technology, from all major brands — including the exclusive availability of Miracle-Ear®, one of the most trusted names in hearing care.

Because Amplifon is independently owned and operated, the hearing care providers in our network enjoy complete freedom to appropriately fit any available brand and model of hearing aid. In addition, with an Amplifon benefit, you’re assured of receiving high-quality care from a provider near you, in the type of setting that best fits you and your comfort level. Ultimately, our hearing benefit is designed to address your unique hearing and lifestyle needs in the most cost-effective manner.

Click here to find out whether your health plan includes a hearing aid benefit through Amplifon Hearing Health Care.


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